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Email marketing

Keeping in touch with your most loyal followers is crucial to your business. Your social media followers don't count—unfortunately, you don't own your social media follower list. The social media platform owns your account, followers, content, what happens when that platform decides to change the algorithm, remove accounts, or worse...shut down completely? You have your email list. Nobody can take that away from you!

Please note that I don't load, format, and send the emails, I just provide the written content.

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Robin Writers LLC email newsletter

Nearly every week, I send out an email newsletter to my subscribers. I gain subscribers by offering my lead magnet, a guide to various different writing samples that freelance writers can use to create writing samples of their own to build or boost their portfolio. Once they sign up, I send them through a subscriber journey where they receive three more emails over the next three days with extra valuable content to introduce them to my business.

As of September 2023, my average open rate is 36% and average click rate is 3.1%. Take a look at the average email marketing statistics and benchmarks by industry!

Here are a few examples of previous newsletters:

My LinkedIn campaign flop

Opens: 36.6%

Clicks: 2.2%

Updating your portfolio

Opens: 39.9%

Clicks: 3%

Getting started in your career

Opens: 27.2%

Clicks: 1.1%

Lessons I learned in my 20s

Opens: 39.2%

Clicks: 1.2%

Coaching calls announcement

Opens: 35.4%

Clicks: 1.7%

How to write an ebook

Opens: 35.2%

Clicks: 2.5%

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