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Email marketing

Keeping in touch with your most loyal followers is crucial to your business. Your social media followers don't count—unfortunately, you don't own your social media follower list. The social media platform owns your account, followers, content, what happens when that platform decides to change the algorithm, remove accounts, or worse...shut down completely? You have your email list. Nobody can take that away from you!


Hello, community building!

It's all about standing out in someone's inbox these days! Email marketing is HOT, so you won't want to miss out on the opportunities it can bring.


From nurturing the relationship with your audience, keeping your audience up to speed on company updates, alerting them of special offers, and's the best way to build your community. 

Consider also your backup plan if a social media platform shuts down either temporarily or permanently (which has happened many times before). How would you get in touch with your audience?

The answer: email.

Please note that I don't load, format, and send the emails, I just provide the written content.

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