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If you want to become a leader in your field, showcase your expertise, and offer valuable content for your audience to draw them in, blogging is the way to go.

See how your business could benefit from a blog!

You'll find one blog below, but my blogging journey started way back in 2014 as a poor college student trying her hand at the thing that felt like I should do if I wanted a writing career.

At first, I wrote to anyone and everyone. I think my uncle and my mom might have been my only readers. But then...

I developed my blog posts more around a topic I enjoyed at the time: health and fitness, and then eventually started a blog about floriculture, and then one for my creative writing (now my author blog), and THEN a blog to support other content writers.

It may seem like I jumped around a lot, but with each blog, I learned how to choose a niche, build an audience, format blog posts, add media like imagery or video or audio clips, write for SEO so Google liked me, and SO much more.

I have also worked in various marketing and writing roles where I wrote blog posts in various topics such as tech, life sciences, and more. I’m very good at learning a new industry and adjusting my writing style to the voice and tone of your brand. Looking forward to helping boost your brand online!

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